The PopSockets magnetic PopGrip for MagSafe mobile phone grip and stand simply attaches to your phone case for maximum utility with the ease of MagSafe technology. It’s designed to fit Apple MagSafe cases made for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini. A PopGrip is more than a stylish phone accessory.. Features & Specs Keep hold of your phone with the PopGrip with MagSafe. This phone grip and stand has built-in magnets that securely attach to your MagSafe compatible case for maximum grip. It s easy to remove when you need to use your MagSafe charger. And, you can swap out the top to dress up your phone to suit your mood. All features & specs. The PopGrip for MagSafe attaches magnetically to give you a seamless experience when using your iPhone 12 or 13. PopGrip for MagSafe is best used when paired with a MagSafe-compatible case. Siirry pääsisältöön Siirry alatunnisteen sisältöön. "/>Popsockets popgrip with magsafe